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Reports Comment Generator

Save time

Quickly generate unique reports for each student using proofed comments

Your own style

Upload a personalised bank of comments, written in your style and easily modified.


Enrich your repository of comments by sharing with other teachers.

Simple & easy

Intuitive quick interface. Writing reports was never easier.

A simple, fast and efficient system to generate reports comments

Save time and hassle by re-using comments that are

Written by you or your peers Clean of Typos and Grammatical mistakes Automatically match the student's gender Automatically varied while still reflecting the student's level Combined into neat paragraphs Ready to be pasted into any other system, in one click!

How much time do you spend re-writing and slightly modifying your comments, for each student, each year?

Now you can save a 'bank' of comments and re-use them. How? You simply indicate the performance level of each student per report category (e.g. Academic Achievement), and the system will select relevant comments, and correct them as per the student's sex, and mix the use of pronoun or name between different comments.